TAC’s Latest Performance Statistics for Victorian Law Firms Burt & Davies Results

The TAC collects data on the performance of all law firms operating within the Victorian Transport Accident Scheme. The TAC recently provided us with statistics to benchmark our performance against all legal firms handling common law claims within the Scheme, in particular the top 5 largest law firms doing this work.* Burt & Davies is a boutique, specialist law firm … Read More

Changes to the Transport Accident Act 1986

On 7 June 2018 the Treasury and Finance Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 was second read in the Lower House of the Victorian Parliament. The Bill contained important amendments to the Transport Accident Act 1986. Proposed amendments resulted from a consultation process between the Law Institute, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).  Peter Burt serves as … Read More

Social Media and TAC Serious Injury Claims

Social media is a term that has become familiar to us all over the past decade. It is the term used to describe the social interaction that occurs among people/users through the creation of a profile and then the sharing and exchange of information and ideas in virtual networks. Some of the most common social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, … Read More

Bicycle Injury Lawyer, Peter Burt, gives his take on Bicycle Accidents.

With the increasing popularity of cycling in Victoria, more and more cyclists are being injured on the road and in transport accidents. The State Government and Local Governments are actively encouraging cycling with the introduction of dedicated cycling lanes and bike paths. But these lanes and paths do not span the entire road network and inevitably cyclists are required to … Read More

TAC Claims Lawyers discuss Texting and Driving; Clara Davies Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyer

The popularity of mobile devices has had very dangerous consequences. Studies worldwide have proven that mobile communications whilst driving are linked to significant increases in distraction.  Such distractions can result in injury and loss of life. The simple act of talking on the phone whilst driving (whether holding a mobile phone or using it handsfree) is distracting. However the most … Read More

Road Accident Lawyers define the term “transport accident”

How do you describe what has occurred when one vehicle collides with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal or a stationary object such as a tree or power pole? Do you think of it as a road accident or a road traffic accident, a traffic accident, a motor vehicle accident or collision, a car accident or car crash or an … Read More