Changes to the Transport Accident Act 1986

On 7 June 2018 the Treasury and Finance Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 was second read.

The Bill contained important amendments to the Transport Accident Act 1986.

These amendments resulted from a consultation process.  The Law Institute, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) and the TAC participated in the process.  Peter Burt is a member of the consultation committee.

Now any cyclist who collides with a stationary vehicle is covered by TAC.  Also, cyclists who strike open car doors are compensated.   

Previously, only a very limited group of cyclists were compensated by TAC.  Those who collided with stationary vehicles whilst riding to or from work.  Prior to the amendment, cyclists who hit stationary or parked motor vehicles were not entitled to TAC compensation.  

This is a significant change.  Moreover, the changes were retrospective.  They apply to all cyclists injured in this way since 9 July 2014.

There are also other changes that benefit transport accident victims.  The medical excess of $651.00 has been removed.  Travel and accommodation expenses have been increased.  Significantly, the increase is from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00.  Immediate family members visiting relatives in hospital more than 100 kilometres from home will benefit from this.  

The recent changes are very positive for transport accident victims.  We congratulate the TAC and Victorian Government on these changes to the TAC scheme.