FREE ONLINE CLAIM CHECK – Not what you expect

Have you been tempted by the offer for a “free online claim check”, if you have been injured?  Seen the TV advertisements or Facebook ads prompting you to “start your personal injury online claim check now”?  Become worried because they claim that “time is limited”, suggesting that there is some urgency.

In short, online claim checks are not what they seem.  They are a means by which law firms harvest and gather your contact details.     

What typically happens:

Undoubtedly, if you decide to take the free online claim check, you do so expecting to get actual answers straight away.  However, you will not. 

When you start the online claim check you will be asked to answer some very generic questions.  You may be prompted to give some very limited information.  Then you will receive a standard reply – “you may have a claim”.  This is unhelpful.  Having gone through this online process, you are not provided with specific answers or information tailored to your circumstances.  You are asked to enter your contact details and then you will have to wait to be contacted by someone.  

At this stage, the law firm behind this has your contact details.  You must wait to hear from them.  In all likelihood, the first contact will not be from a lawyer but rather a member of their call center or one of their administrative staff.  Those individuals are not qualified to give legal advice.

When contacted you will likely be asked more questions, including more generic questions.  At the end of the process, you may be told that a lawyer will call you to discuss your matter or an appointment may be made for you to meet with a lawyer.  Importantly, this is a first experience of what dealings with this law firm will be like.  It is characteristic of what future dealings will be like. 

The outcome:

Typically, if you choose one of these firms, you will deal more with administrative staff and law clerks than you will an actual lawyer.  It will be difficult to make contact.  You will often have to wait days or even weeks to speak with anyone, particularly a lawyer.  You may have difficulty speaking with the same person on each occasion.  The online claim check gave you the first taste of how your claim is likely to be handled – in a generic, impersonal fashion.  There is often a lack of regard for your individual circumstances.  You are often simply a number and not treated like an individual.

The Burt & Davies difference:

We are different.  At Burt & Davies, the entire focus is you.  We are happy to provide a free claim analysis.  We do it with every potential client who first makes contact with our office.  But we don’t ask you to complete an online claim check.  The only way to provide specific and tailored advice is to actually speak to you and we do that on the phone. 

During the initial phone call, you will speak with either Peter or Clara, the owners and partners of Burt & Davies.  We will ask targeted and considered questions to obtain necessary information.  This will enable us to advise you about your individual situation.  If we can assist you and you want us to assist you, you will always deal with Peter and Clara until the conclusion of you matter.  How can we guarantee this?  Our reputation depends on it. 

This is the Burt & Davies difference. Call and speak with either Peter or Clara today on 1800 TAC LAW (1800 822 529).