So much for circumstances; create opportunities!

It is amazing what can be achieved in the space of two short years!  Peter Burt and Clara Davies have reason to be proud.  They played a role in creating an Australian first – an Easy Access Basket (EAB) for a hot air balloon. 

This specially designed hot air balloon basket was the result of a lightbulb moment.  With meticulous planning and an unwavering belief that anything is possible, it came true.

The journey

The EAB was launched over the Melbourne CBD at the end of May 2012.  It was a collaborative effort between Burt & Davies (“B&D”) and Global Ballooning Pty Ltd.  Unlikely partners, but with a common goal.  A shared love of ballooning saw the world of “lighter than air flight” open up to less able-bodied individuals.  Those often denied experiences.  Many who would otherwise be excluded from such an activity.  Since May 2012, the EAB has literally taken off and made dreams come true.

The launch of the EAB involved two B&D clients with severe physical limitations.  They took to the skies and shared a magical dawn flight with members of their families.  It was a spectacular morning with perfect atmospheric conditions.  But even more importantly, our clients experienced unparalleled joy.  They were able to participate in an uplifting experience that was previously impossible. The smiles on that morning said it all.  And, since that time there have been countless other smiles and fulfilled dreams for other less able individuals.

Scope Victoria has been a great supporter of the EAB.  Scope was pivotal in assisting for Lavourne Service to experience a hot air balloon flight.  Lavourne was born with cerebral palsy.  She has faced constant daily challenges.  However, she is incredibly resilient.  A long term client of Scope, she had an even longer standing dream.  She wanted to fly in a hot air balloon.  The EAB allowed Lavourne to fulfil her dreams.  She became the first Scope client to take to the skies!  She exclaimed during her flight that for the first time in her life she felt “completely normal”.

The EAB continues to create opportunities for many.  The journey for many has been inspirational.  Our journey has been unbelievably rewarding. 

The rewards

We are very honoured to be recognised for our work in developing the EAB.  The Law Institute of Victoria nominated Burt & Davies in its 2014 Community Recognition Program. 

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