Clara’s National Presidency of ALA

On 1 July 2008 Clara Davies started her term as National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

Involvement in ALA

She became the first female President of ALA.  Additionally, she was the youngest President in ALA’s then 14 year history. See the Media Release and article.


ALA is a not-for-profit association of lawyers and other professionals.  It is dedicated to the protection and promotion of justice, freedom and individual rights.  Both Peter and Clara have been long-time members of the ALA.  They have been actively involved at all levels of the ALA executive.

Through their work within ALA both Peter and Clara have had some amazing experiences.  In 2007 they met Major Michael “Dan” Mori.  Major Mori represented Guantánamo Bay detainee David Hicks.  Here is a photo of Clara with Major Mori.

Peter served as Victorian Branch President for 2 years throughout 2002 and 2003. Both Peter and Clara have served on the National Board of ALA.

Focus of her work

Clara’s term as National President proved to be a very busy timer. During her term she worked and commented on a range of issues.  Some of those issues included:

  • the need for better human rights protections in Australia;
  • the introduction of a federal Human Rights Act;
  • reform of the counter-terror laws, particularly in the context of Dr Mohammed Haneef’s case; and
  • tort reform rollback across the country.

Below is a selection of articles featuring Clara’s work.

ABC The Drum Opinion – Charter of Rights for Australia

President’s Pages in Precedent magazine:

Maintaining Perspective

1984 – Fiction or Reality?

A Time to Reflect

Choice – The Best Consumer Protection

Discount Rates and the GFC – A Double Whammy

Skewed Media Priorities – Lessons from the Human Rights Consultation

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