The Launch of Golden Opportunities – “Go”

On 16 July 2010, Peter and Clara had the great honour of attending the inaugural fundraising dinner for Golden Opportunities (“GO”) – a foundation which has been established by one of their former clients, Justin Stevenson.

The establishment of this foundation represents the commencement of an amazing initiative. Justin’s aim, and great desire, is to provide those with profound disabilities, as he has, the opportunity to engage in activities which would otherwise be thought to be beyond their reach. Despite his disability, and demonstrating a great determination, Justin has undertaken a vast range of activities such as para-gliding, off-road buggy riding, fishing, etc. Most recently he had the thrill of experiencing “hotlaps” at Sandown Raceway – a long time dream of his. He has proven that those with disabilities can continue to engage in a range of exciting and rewarding activities which add meaning and enjoyment to their lives moving forward.

Currently, there are limited opportunities for those with a disability to engage in such activities in a safe and protective environment. The limited facilities offering such activities are located well away from the Melbourne CBD – three to four hours drive from Melbourne! Through Golden Opportunities, Justin plans to establish a facility much closer to Melbourne, that can accomodate those with disabilities together with their families and carers. He hopes to acquire a property in a semi-rural area, possibly an hour or so from Melbourne, which he can establish and equip as a ‘getaway’ for those with disabilities. Then, the opportunity will exist to engage in a range of fulfilling and thrill-seeking activities or simply to enjoy a change of scenery in a beautiful location and be around others who have a true understanding of their difficulties.

The fundraising dinner was a huge success! Many of Justin’s family and friends, together with members and groups from within the community, devoted significant time and energy to organising the dinner. High-profile and inspirational individuals hosted, presented and spoke at the dinner, making for a very interesting and enjoyable evening. Burt & Davies was very pleased to donate a Geelong football guernesy for the find-raising auction. This guernesy had been signed by all 9 Geelong footballers who made the 2007 All-Australian Team and All-Australian Coach, Mark Thompson. It was just one of 60 donated items up for auction!

Both Peter and Clara are looking forward to seeing Golden Opportunities move ahead in leaps and bounds. They will be providing further support and assistance to Justin and his mother, Linda, through membership of the Golden Opportunities Steering Committee. The philosophy behind Golden Opportunities is highly commendable and we should all try and promote and encourage such projects.


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Peter and Clara enjoying the night with Justin Stevenson – founder of Golden Opportunities

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