Burt & Davies – Achieving Outcomes Twice as Fast as all Other Firms

According to TAC statistics for the 2008/2009 financial years, Burt & Davies is Victoria’s most efficient handler of TAC claims with the proven quickest resolution times.  Statistics kept by the TAC reveal that Burt & Davies achieve outcomes in half the average time taken by all other firms and in some instances are even three times faster than the industry average.  This is because of the expertise displayed by both Peter Burt and Clara Davies in handling TAC claims and dealing with the TAC.

Burt & Davies exclusively handles TAC claims.  Peter Burt & Clara Davies focus specifically on the individual needs of each client.  By offering a highly personalised service, Peter and Clara are able to make assessments of each claim based on an intimate knowledge of the case, a client’s progress and the likely outcomes.  Drawing upon years of experience, they assess each claim and determine the appropriate stage at which to move forward.

The focus at Burt & Davies is always on acessing common law and assisting clients to recover common law damages.  To be eligible for a common law claim, among other things, a TAC claimant must show that he/she has sustained a “serious injury” as defined by the Transport Accident Act 1986 (“the Act”).  Under the Act, “serious injury” can either be achieved via the impairment process (an impairment of 30% or more) or by satisfying one of the four narrative definitions of “serious injury” as referred to in Section 93(17) of the Act.

From the outset, Burt & Davies seek to achieve “serious injury” status for their clients at the earliest possible stage but taking into account all relevant factors.

The 2009 statistics revealed that from the date of lodgment of a “serious injury” (s. 93) submission under the TAC protocols, Burt & Davies took, on average, 9.4 months to achieve serious injury status for its clients and as compared to an industry average of 19 months.  The average time taken by Burt & Davies to resolve a common law claim from the date of the accident was 29 months compared to an industry average of 55.5 months.

On average, Burt & Davies took 12.1 months to finalise impairment from the date an impairment submission is lodged under the protocols as compared to the industry average of 36.1 months to finalise impairment.

Statistics for the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 financial years see Burt & Davies tracking along similar lines.

The focus at Burt & Davies has always been to deliver the best outcomes in the quickest possible time frames for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

For more information on how Burt & Davies can help you, contact either Peter Burt or Clara Davies, specialist Car Accident Lawyers & Car Accident Compensation Lawyers, Level 11, 451 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne. They are both Accredited Personal Injury Lawyers, Melboourne who practice exclusively in Transport Accident Compensation & TAC claims.
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