Kiff Saunders

“They are good people. Could you be represented in a better way? – I don’t think so.”

Bridie Barrett

“Clara & Peter were such an amazing support for me. They provided care to the level of what a family would provide.”

Michael Forbes

“The nature of my injury, I need TAC’s assistance to make sure I am not too much of a burden on my family… it is important to have a lawyer to help navigate that process. It has been very much a personal relationship.”

N.R., Diamond Creek

“Following a car accident I went to seek advice from Burt & Davies due to my back injury from the accident.  I highly recommend them to all; from my first meeting with Peter Burt and Clara Davies and throughout my case I experienced professionalism and sincerity. I chose Burt & Davies to represent me following my reading of testimonials on their … Read More

John Denney

“In January 2010 my wife and I were involved in a head-on collision which took the life of our unborn daughter and left me with a permanent arm injury.”

Louise Taylor

“Sustaining an injury in a motor vehicle accident is tough. It is life changing. What you need is empathy, compassion and a listening ear to hear and feel your story.”

R.Watkins & J.Evans

“This note is an attempt to convey thanks and appreciation for not only the unbelievable outcome you have delivered but the manner in which you do your work.”

B. McK

“Peter Burt and Clara Davies provided me with an excellent personalised service and were impeccable in their professionalism when preparing my case for TAC compensation.”

M.I., Prahran

“My advice to anyone involved in a car accident is that they immediately contact Burt & Davies.”

Ken Winnell

““We would like to express our gratitude for the time and effort that you both put into my claim. The outcome was outstanding and far beyond what we had imagined.”