Burt & Davies – Victoria’s Expert TAC Lawyers

BURT & DAVIES is a boutique law firm. We provide high quality personal service to seriously injured road accident victims.  Our specialty is Victorian transport accident claims – TAC claims.  We only take on cases where we believe we can deliver a financial benefit to our client.  Good judgment in case selection is why we win cases.

What distinguishes us from larger law firms is personal service.  Accordingly, you will always be represented by Peter Burt and Clara Davies.  Both are Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law and highly experienced TAC lawyers.  They are passionate about their work.  Both solely conduct TAC claims and are expert TAC lawyers.

Doyle’s Guide Recognition

Burt & Davies is one of only four “first tier” firms listed in the prestigious Doyles Guide.  Recognised as a “leading Plaintiff-focused Victorian Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Law Firm.”   Firms listed in Doyle’s Guide are selected on the basis of quality positive feedback.  They are identified by the country’s defendant insurance lawyers based on expertise.  The best firms are chosen through online peer-review surveys and extensive telephone and face-to-face interviews.  Clients and relevant industry bodies are spoken to.  The classification into a particular tier is based on glowing reports from key clients and individuals – https://doylesguide.com/leading-motor-vehicle-accident-compensation-law-firms-plaintiff-victoria-2023/

Peter and Clara are also listed as “leading Plaintiff-focused Australian Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Lawyers”.  We have “pre-eminent” and “leading” status.  We are two of only three lawyers listed in Victoria – https://doylesguide.com/leading-motor-vehicle-accident-compensation-lawyers-plaintiff-australia-2023/

What we do for you

Peter or Clara, and often both, will represent you from start to finish. Both Peter and Clara will be accessible to you. You will have our mobile telephone numbers and can talk to us at any time. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality personal service and commercially responsible advice.

At Burt & Davies we understand that you are in unfamiliar territory when you suffer injury. You are often unable to return to work.  Unable to participate in your normal daily activities. The things that you once took for granted become almost insurmountable hurdles. We understand that these things affect you and those closest to you.  A transport accident can change your life.  Suddenly you are having to deal with an insurer – the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Our role

Our role at BURT & DAVIES is to inform you.  Also to deal with any uncertainty you may have.  We seek to  guide you through the Transport Accident Scheme.  And help you fight the legal battles against the TAC so you can focus on your rehabilitation and recovery.

Compensation will never fully restore you to the position that you were in prior to being injured.  However, it can assist reduce the financial burden.  Therefore, we will assist you to maximise your TAC compensation entitlements.  The aim is to do this as soon as possible whilst taking all relevant factors into account.

To achieve this alternative dispute resolution or negotiation with the TAC will occur when possible. With proper advice the vast majority of cases are resolved without Court action. Court action will only ever occur when negotiation has been unsuccessful and you authorise the proceedings. 

Our role is one of partnership with you.

Experience the difference.  Experience, the difference.