Other Significant Cases

Peter has also pursued other very significant cases such as the following:

He acted for Wendy Fleming in the case of Fleming -v- Hutchinson [1992] 2 VR129, one of five cases heard by the Appeals Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1991 which defined the meaning of the expression “serious injury” under section 93(17) of the Transport Accident Act 1986.

And again he acted for Wendy Fleming in her application to the High Court of Australia for special leave to appeal. Case reported at [1992] 66A LJR 211.

He acted for Donald Jewell in the case of TAC -v- Jewell [1995] VR300. As a result of this decision, the Government amended the definition of “transport accident” in the Transport Accident Act.

He also acted for Dale Shepherd who ultimately became only the second person in Victorian Legislative history to be named in an Act of Parliament – Transport Accident (Amendment) Act 2000.

Most recently Peter had success in the Supreme Court of Victoria in the case of Martino Developments Pty Ltd -v- Doughty [2008] VSC 517 (27 November 2008).

Another notable case that was run by the partners of Burt & Davies:

John Heenan v Transport Accident Commission

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