Bringing Project Walk to Melbourne – Gala Dinner


Project Walk Melbourne is a not-for-profit organisation helping those with spinal cord injury.  Our client, Rhiannon Tracey, has been instrumental in “Bringing Project Walk to Melbourne”.  Project Walk Melbourne is intent on opening a facility in Melbourne.  The facility will provide more rehabilitation choices to those with spinal cord injury.  It will further aid in recovery after injury.

The vision is to have a centre located in Melbourne which provides a boot camp type facility for quadriplegics and paraplegics.  It is understood that there is no easy way to recover from a spinal cord injury.  However, with hard physical work and specialised trainers gains can be made.  By implementing well-researched alternative therapy plans, at times substantial gains can be made by those with spinal cord injury.

Fundraising Event

On 23 July 2011 Project Walk Melbourne held a Gala Dinner at the Centre in Ivanhoe.  There were more than 400 attendees.  Peter Burt & Clara Davies were proud to support the event by hosting a table of 12 at the dinner.

It was a spectacular evening!  There was a huge amount of support for Project Walk Melbourne.  All in attendance were treated to a night of fabulous food and entertainment.  Fundraising occurred through auctions, both public and silent, raffles and donations.  Burt & Davies successfully bidded on a number of very interesting auction items and made a contribution to this very worthwhile cause.



2Peter and Clara

Peter and Clara

How you can contribute

It was fantastic to learn that Project Walk Melbourne raised in excess of $ 50,000.00 from the night.  Even so further funds are needed to make this very worthwhile project a reality.  Project Walk Melbourne needs the further support of corporate sponsors and community organisations.  It also needs volunteers to assist with the many tasks to be undertaken.  For anyone interested in offering assistance a link to the Project Walk Melbourne website appears on our Links Page.  Opportunities to become involved are detailed further on the Project Walk Melbourne website.

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