TAC’s Latest Performance Statistics for Victorian Law Firms Burt & Davies Results

The TAC collects data on the performance of all law firms operating within the Victorian Transport Accident Scheme. The TAC recently provided us with statistics to benchmark our performance against all legal firms handling common law claims within the Scheme, in particular the top 5 largest law firms doing this work.*

Burt & Davies is a boutique, specialist law firm exclusively handling TAC Common Law claims for injured accident victims. Peter Burt and Clara Davies are the owners and operators of Burt & Davies and personally handle all claims.

The statistics from TAC show that:

  • Approximately 96% of our clients achieve “serious injury” status and are granted Serious Injury Certificates to commence Common Law claims compared to approximately 86% for all other law firms.
  • The average time taken from the date of the accident to resolution of a Common Law claim is 33.6 months for Peter and Clara’s clients. By comparison, the average time for people represented by the 5 biggest law firms is a staggering 50.8 months.
  • The average damages (monetary compensation) recovered by Peter and Clara’s clients in 2017 was approximately $460,000.00. The average damages recovered by clients of all other law firms doing this work was $290,000.00. An average differential of $170,000.00 per claim.

These statistics show that:

  • Clients of Peter and Clara have a higher success rate in achieving “serious injury” status and being able to pursue a Common Law claim;
  • Clients of Peter and Clara finalise their claims almost 18 months faster than the clients represented by the 5 largest law firms; and
  • Clients of Peter and Clara on average receive considerably more Common Law damages/compensation than the clients of all other law firms.

Statistics are obviously capable of interpretation. However, we believe that the above statistics clearly highlight that our clients achieve greater success and better financial outcomes in shorter time frames.

There is a very simple explanation for this. Peter and Clara, Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialists, provide very personalised, focused legal services. We do not leave it to Law Clerks, Paralegals and Junior Lawyers to run the claim. Further, Peter and Clara do not process claims according to “a formula” as is the commercial template of the largest law firms. This one-size fits all formula is applied by the largest law firms to maximise the involvement of law clerks, paralegals and junior lawyers who are training. Instead, Peter and Clara look at every case individually. We develop a tailored approach to the most efficient and effective handling of the claim. We know what we are doing, and we rely on an individual strategy for each client, not a formula.

We believe that we also make excellent judgement calls when it comes to advising clients at first instance about whether they will in fact have a claim and just as importantly, whether the claim is likely to be successful.

Moreover, the TAC statistics also reveal that, on average, the Burt & Davies transaction costs are less than the 5 largest law firms. The results that Peter and Clara achieve for their clients come at less cost to the client. This is the direct result of a tailored, efficient approach.

We think that these statistics clearly demonstrate that if you are seriously injured in a transport accident caused by someone else, it is in your interests to talk to us before you make a decision about which law firm should represent you.