Road Accident Lawyers define the term “transport accident”

How do you describe what has occurred when one vehicle collides with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal or a stationary object such as a tree or power pole? Do you think of it as a road accident or a road traffic accident, a traffic accident, a motor vehicle accident or collision, a car accident or car crash or an auto accident (US term)? Sometimes we refer to accidents by making reference to the specific vehicles involved – a truck accident, a motorcycle or motorbike accident, a bus accident, a train accident, a tram accident or a bicycle accident. There are many different ways to refer to accidents and they are all correct.

The World Health Organisation most commonly uses the term “road traffic injury”. The US Census Bureau uses the term “motor vehicle accidents” (MVA). In Canada, Transport Canada uses the terms “motor vehicle traffic collision” (MVTC). In Australia every State and Territory also uses different terminology to describe an accident. In Victoria, when it comes to an insurance claim for injuries which may have been sustained by any of the parties involved in an accident, the most common term is a “transport accident”.

In Victoria the Government compensation scheme for injuries is the Transport Accident Scheme. It is governed by legislation known at the Transport Accident Act. It is administered by the Transport Accident Commission (“TAC”).

“Transport accidents” may also be classified by reference to the nature of the collision that occurred. Types of collisions can include a head on collision, rear-end collision, side collision (also known as being t-boned), a rollover and a collision with a fixed object.

Many different terms are used to describe transport accidents. However they are described, if you have been involved in an accident and have sustained injuries you should lodge a TAC Claim for Compensation and seek legal advice from a specialist TAC lawyer concerning your rights and possible entitlements.

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