Meeting Erin Brokovich

In August 2009, Peter Burt and Clara Davies were privileged to meet Erin Brockovich.  Not actress, Julia Roberts, but the “real” Erin Brockovich.

The Movie

Most people have seen the Hollywood blockbuster movie of 2000.  “Erin Brockovich” starred Julia Roberts.  Nominated for 5 Academy Awards, Julia won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Erin.

The movie was based on Erin’s real-life story.  According to Erin it was 98% accurate.  More significantly though, what an inspirational story!

The Story

Erin was a single mother of three.  She was injured in a car accident.  Erin sustained serious neck injuries as a result of the accident.  Thereafter she struggled to make ends meet.  In time, she hired a lawyer to assist her to pursue a claim.  After her claim resolved, she started working at the firm which represented her.

She was working as a filing clerk. One day she was looking through some papers in a property case.  Her interest was aroused as the file contained medical records.  With her employer’s approval she started to investigate further.

The records revealed that about 600 residents in Hinkley, California had been exposed to a toxic chemical.  The exposure occurred over three decades.  Chromium 6 had been leaked into groundwater near their homes.  It had come from the nearby Pacific Gas Company’s Compressor Station.

The Outcome

Erin had no formal legal training.  She was not a lawyer.  However, being a mother herself she was concerned and determined to see justice done.  In the end, she achieved the largest toxic tort settlement in US history for those residents.  Pacific Gas paid a staggering $ 333 million to the residents of Hinkley.  A result spearheaded by Erin.

Below is a photo of Peter and Clara with Erin Brockovich.


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