Peter Burt and Clara Davies again ranked as “preeminent” by the prestigious Doyle’s Guide to Australia’s Leading Lawyers

Doyle’s Guide to Australia’s Leading Lawyers is regarded as prestigious as the rankings for individual lawyers and law firms are based upon surveys and peer recommendations made by other lawyers in the industry.  The rankings are based upon annual surveys and the recommendations made by other lawyers.  The reliability of the rankings is enhanced by the fact that those surveyed do not include lawyers who practice in competition with those surveyed.  The respondents to surveys tend to be lawyers who act against individual lawyers and law firms.  Hence the rankings more realistically reflect the way the legal industry itself regards the competence, ethical qualities and reputations of individual lawyers and law firms.

Peter Burt and Clara Davies have been ranked as “preeminent lawyers” for motor vehicle accident compensation (Plaintiff) in Victoria.   This is the highest ranking awarded by Doyle’s Guide. Both Peter and Clara have consistently been ranked in the highest category since 2019.

Further, Peter Burt is the only Victorian motor vehicle accident lawyer (Plaintiff) who is ranked as preeminent in the Australia wide survey.  In the Australia wide survey Clara Davies is ranked in the second highest category as a leading lawyer.  

This indicates that the reputation of Peter and Clara is not only recognised by lawyers in Victoria but by lawyers Australia wide.  

Notably, Doyle’s Guide has again ranked Burt & Davies as a “First Tier” motor vehicle accident compensation law firm (Plaintiff).  Burt & Davies has received this ranking since 2017.

Choosing the right lawyer to represent you is a daunting task for anyone badly injured in a transport accident.  It is likely the first time you have ever had to engage a lawyer.  The large law firms often advertise on television and engage heavily in internet marketing.  People can be easily overwhelmed by the competitive claims made by individual lawyers and law firms in aggressive advertising.  

This makes the Doyle’s Guide a particularly useful tool for people to use to find the best lawyer to represent them. Lawyers cannot purchase these rankings.  The rankings are independent and reflect the views of the legal industry about the competency, ethical standards and service provided by individual lawyers and law firms.  You can view the individual rankings for Peter Burt and Clara Davies here –

Burt & Davies ranking is first tier motor vehicle accident compensation law firm can be seen here –

Peter and Clara have worked very hard to build their excellent reputation by providing each client with personalised service befitting their circumstances.  Their legal competency has been recognised by their accreditation as Specialist Personal Injury Lawyers by the Specialisation Board of the Law Institute of Victoria.  Peter has been accredited as a specialist since 1 November 1993 and Clara since 18 October 2005.

Burt & Davies continuously strives to maintain its first class reputation for providing high quality legal services.