What is an impairment benefit?

An impairment benefit refers to a lump sum payment.  It compensates a claimant for their injuries.  To receive an impairment payment, impairment must exceed 10%.

Impairment is expressed as a percentage of the whole body.  The percentages are calculated using the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment – 4th Edition.

The final impairment percentage is calculated by TAC.  The calculation follows examinations by medical specialists.  These specialists must be accredited to the use of the impairment guides.

Impairment is different from disability.  The Guides do not assess disability, only impairment.

The Guides are said to be scientific.  However, differing outcomes are common.  Qualified medical specialists can assess different impairment outcomes.  Therefore, you should obtain expert legal advice concerning impairment.