P. McDonald

“Clara Davies handled the day to day requirements of my case with the TAC. Clara was the main person handling my claim with the TAC which, due to her diligence and hard work reached a satisfactory outcome. Clara also represented me on another matter and I must say how impressed I was with her handling of that case. Even though it was a small claim, she was thorough, dependable and brought it to a satisfactory conclusion well ahead of the time I thought it would take. I was amazed and delighted to have a positive outcome in such a short time. Over the twelve months I dealt with Clara, I found her to be most friendly and efficient with an empathy not usually found in the law profession. She has totally impressed me by the work done on my behalf and I will always use her services in the future. As an accident victim dealing with the TAC – I must say it is an awesome and terrifying situation but with a lawyer like Clara working for you she just manages to re-assure you that all will be well and that she will do everything possible to help your case finalise in the shortest possible time with a positive result.”