John Denney

“In January 2010 my wife and I were involved in a head-on collision which took the life of our unborn daughter and left me with a permanent arm injury. I had been given a contact within a large law firm and started the process of a common law claim. Not being one who puts “all his eggs in one basket” I heard on the radio an advertisement for Burt & Davies TAC legal specialists so I contacted them.

The large law firm was tardy in their response and the first major contact was some weeks after my initial enquiry. This was to set up a teleconference which we did. At the same time Clara Davies visited us in person, was meticulous with her notes and friendly and understanding of our situation. In a short turnaround we had a very accurate statement of events (and nothing from the large law firm) so we decided to go with Burt & Davies. Clara was upfront and honest about timeframes and what to expect. We were told that there would be numerous rounds of medical specialist consultations from both the TAC and Burt & Davies. I was not in a good mindset and was sometimes difficult to deal with however, Clara was sympathetic and understanding and very patient. Peter Burt was always available to offer a third point of view which proved invaluable when it came time to wrap things up.

Clara was willing to go above and beyond her mandate at times. If TAC were causing me grief with medication approvals Clara would contact them and thrash it out and this always ended satisfactorily. What I liked most about the Burt & Davies approach was that “human” touch. I was treated with respect. I could share a laugh with Clara and Peter, I could express my anger and frustrations and every time I was met with a sympathetic ear. The counsel they gave me during my time under the TAC microscope was right on the money.

After what seemed like an eternity but was only around two and a half years I accepted the TAC offer. I am now trying to rebuild my life and get back on track. Clara keeps in touch from time to time to see how we are tracking. I can only express my gratitude for all the hard work that Burt & Davies did for me and I would highly recommend Burt & Davies for anyone who may have had an accident and needs legal representation.”