Jay Cracknell

“My family and I cannot express enough gratitude for the successful outcome you achieved in my unusual and complex TAC claim. Other lawyers we initially contacted preferred to keep their distance; my case being such a difficult one to prove. Before even knowing if I had a case you made the time to visit the scene of my accident, took photos and went with my family to the police station. That alone displayed to me your commitment and compassion to me as a person and to your work. You were honest with me from the beginning so I knew where I stood and what to expect. Throughout the whole process you showed genuine compassion and full transparency, clarity and guidance. You were approachable in both a friendly and contactable manner which made it so much easier for me to deal with the situation.
Your professionalism and expertise in personal injury claims are second to none. The specialists you employed to help with my case displayed the highest level of competency. I couldn’t have asked for a better result and legal team. A reflection of this is the letter I received from you recently advising that my former legal counsel, Mr Frank Saccardo, was made a County Court Judge.
I would gladly recommend you to anyone with a need for a top lawyer in personal injury as I have no doubt in my mind they are in the best of hands.”

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