TPD Claims


This is a terms used by lawyers to describe claims for Total & Permanent Disablement that seriously injured transport accident victims might have as a result of their injuries. This is not a claim against the TAC. A TPD claim is a claim against an Insurance Company or a Superannuation Fund. If a self-employed person has TPD insurance then their injuries resulting from a transport accident might give rise to a right to receive a lump sum payment from the insurance company. If the person was an employee, then the person might have an entitlement to a TPD lump sum benefit through their Superannuation Fund into which their employer has been paying statutory superannuation contributions. Employees usually have to elect to obtain TPD coverage through their Superannuation Fund. Those who make the election to have TPD coverage may have an entitlement to receive a TPD lump sum payment in the event that they are seriously injured in a transport accident. Lawyers can advise and assist claimants to secure a TPD lump sum payment.