G. Lane, Camberwell

I would like to pay my sincere gratitude to the team at Burt & Davies for managing my TAC road accident case from January 2017 until late October 2017.

Having any accident is traumatic enough, but when you have a serious injury you really do need the right advice and support during this time.

Initially, when I first realised how bad my injury was I consulted with various law firms to make sure I made the right choice for myself; someone I could trust completely and a team that would be able to manage everything from a legal perspective.

At no stage throughout was anything I asked of the team at the firm an issue at all (and trust me, I asked A LOT). They supported me immensely.

Every call or email was always responded to so quickly.  I knew they genuinely cared for my situation and the advice they gave me every time was both professional and empathetic. The personal care they gave me as a client was impeccable.

It’s hard enough when you have something like this happen and I can only advise you if you are reading this, from my perspective I couldn’t have chosen better representation for my case.

My case was resolved in under 12 months.  I now look forward to being able to start fresh and build my future back up again.

Genuinely, if you are facing something like this I highly recommend the team at Burt & Davies. They specialise in these cases and are TAC specialists – this is what they do. Both Peter and Clara are fantastic, empathetic and genuinely care for their clients.

Thanks again to the team for such an amazing job.