What is the Transport Accident Commission (TAC)?

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is the Victorian Government-owned agency that was set up to administer the transport accident scheme.

The Transport Accident Act 1986 established the TAC.  The Act also governs the operations of the TAC and the administration of TAC claims. Under the Act, the TAC is required to pay no-fault compensation to those injured in transport accidents, to provide rehabilitation for those injured in transport accidents and to try to reduce the road toll by promoting road safety.  The TAC is also the monopoly compulsory third party insurer of all Victorian registered motor vehicles. As such, the TAC pays common law damages to accident victims who have sustained serious injury.

The TAC office is located at 60 Brougham Street Geelong. Its postal address is PO Box 742, Geelong 3220.

The TAC runs an enquiry call centre – 1300 654 329 or STD toll free – 1800 332 556. The facsimile number is (03) 9656 6650.

The TAC website is www.tac.vic.gov.au