Are medical and like expenses covered?

Yes.  All ambulance bills are covered. All public and private hospital bills are covered. All medical, radiological, pharmaceutical and like expenses are paid in full by TAC provided that you have received treatment as an overnight inpatient in a hospital on account of your injuries.

If you were not a hospital inpatient, an excess of $ 629.00 applies before TAC is responsible to pay non-hospital medical and like expenses.

The medical expense coverage provided by the TAC also extends to physical therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy and osteopathy.  It can also cover massage in limited circumstances.  Claimants can receive funding for gym memberships when specific rehabilitation or exercise programs have been recommended by a registered practitioners or allied health professional.

The TAC will also cover treatment provided by psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as counselling depending on individual circumstances.

Aids and equipment may be funded depending on the recommendations of medical practitioners or occupational therapists.  Home help, provision of domestic services and child care services can all potentially be covered under the medical expenses provisions of the Transport Accident Act.