Are medical and like expenses covered?

Yes.  Ambulance and public and private hospital bills are covered by TAC.  Medical and like expenses, radiology and pharmaceuticals are also paid.

The medical excess of $ 651.00 has been removed.  It was payable if a claimant had not been admitted as an inpatient to hospital.  The excess no longer applies for accidents occurring on or after 14 February 2018.

TAC coverage also extends to physical therapies.  Physiotherapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy and osteopathy is covered.  Massage is also covered in limited circumstances.  Gym memberships are funded when specific rehabilitation or exercise programs are recommended by registered practitioners or allied health professionals.

TAC will fund treatment provided by psychologists and psychiatrists.  Counselling can also be paid depending on individual circumstances.

Certain aids and equipment may be funded depending on the recommendations of medical practitioners or occupational therapists.  Home help, domestic services and child care are all potentially funded.